Physical Infrastructure

Details of Physical Infrastructure

KCMS is a self-financed institute with campus area of 2.58 acres. It has 1894.00 sq.mts. built up area. It has a two-storied spacious building that accommodates the academic wing and the administrative wing of the college. The description of the various classrooms and other facilities is given herewith:

Hostel Facility: There is a hostel facility for both boys and girls. The hostel comprises of totally 90 rooms. For the girl students there are 42 rooms, while for the boy students there are 48 rooms. Currently there are four girl students occupying the hostel from the B.Ed.Programme.Each room houses four students and has an attached washroom. Each student occupying the hostel is supposed to pay a nominal charge of Rs. 21,000/- for the entire year. This fee structure takes care of food requirements, electricity charges. A security guard is posted outside the hostel round the clock.

The playground: The Playgrounds are utilized for all kinds of outdoor activities and games like cricket and volleyball. To conduct the indoor games like chess, carom, table tennis, ludo etc.For the activities related to outdoor games like volleyball, football, cricket, badminton, hockey, athletics etc. a huge playground is available in the institution. Sports kits and material facilities are provided to students.

Multipurpose Hall: The institution has very big ventilated multipurpose & seminar hall where all the co-curricular activities and extracurricular activities are organized. The hall has the seating capacity of 150 students. The different activities like debates, dancing, singing, group discussion, guest lectures, quiz etc. are also organized from time to time. This is used for the following purposes: Holding of practicum, celebration of certain functions and days of national and international importance, holding co-curricular activities, workshops and seminars, conducting examinations, holding guest lecturers, as a method laboratory and as a common room. Multi-Purpose are equipped with latest technology. There is unfixed LCD projector with screen, OHP, Audio Systems, T.V. with DTH, D.V.D.player, various CD’S and D.V.D.’S.

General B.Ed.Hall: The General Hall is used for daily prayer sessions and also for lectures delivered by experts from outside. The classrooms are equipped for the use of latest technologies for teaching. In fact the Institute has an B.Ed. General Room.

Sr.No. Types of Rooms Area(in Sq.ft.) Location
1. Staff Room 586.62 Sq.Ft Ground Floor
2. Principal Room 286.62 Sq.Ft. Ground Floor
3. Administration Room 575.25 Sq.Ft. Ground Floor
4. Computer Lab 870.25 Sq.Ft. Ground Floor
5. Multipurpose Hall 2323.12 Sq.Ft. Ground Floor
6. B.Ed. General Hall-1 1157 Sq.Ft. Ground Floor
7. Method Classroom- 2 586.62 Sq.Ft. Ground Floor
8. Library 1139.6 Sq.Ft. First Floor
9. Class Room -3 592.00 Sq.Ft. First Floor
10. Common Classroom -4 882.08 Sq.Ft. First Floor
11. Store Room 831.76 Sq.Ft. First Floor
12. Ladies Room 293.04 Sq.Ft. Ground Floor
13. Science Lab 580.16 Sq.Ft. First Floor
14. Arts & Crafts Work(T.L.M ROOM) 580.16 Sq.Ft. First Floor
15. Guidance Corner 293.04 Sq.Ft. First Floor
16. Sports Room 384.12 Sq.Ft. First Floor
17. ICT Room 583.12 Sq.Ft. First Floor
18. Psychology Lab - Second Floor
Area of the Passages on Different Floor
19. Ground Floor Passage 1800 Sq.Ft. Ground Floor
20. First Floor Floor Passage 1800 Sq.Ft First Floor
21. Second Floor Passage 1800 Sq.Ft Second Floor

Details of Other Facilities

Sr.No. Other facilities
1. Hostel–For Both Boys (42 Rooms) And Girls(48 Rooms) (90 Rooms)
2. Mess Facilities capacity of 300 students in 4000sq.ft.
3. Additional Computer Lab
4. Playgrounds (16000 Sq.Mt)
5. Washrooms On Each Floor
6. Drinking water facility With RO
7. Refreshment Centre
8. Bank ATM Centre
9. Electricity
10. Generator
11. Playgrounds (16000 Sq.Mt)
12. Parking facilities
13. Open Rangmanch For Cultural Activities And Social Activities in SCT Campus
14. Guest House (For Visitors And Guests )