Mission and Vision

Mission & Vision:

Vision: “To enlighten and empower future educationists in order to generate new horizons of knowledge and inculcate dynamism in a complex global society.”

Mission “To promote Professional Ethics among Teachers, develop Holistic virtues among the students towards the motto of Arise and enlighten, to impart value based Teacher Education, to provide advanced technical and scientific developments to the students particularly rural students by imparting contextual, relevant and meaningful Teacher Education and equip the students as catalysts for the transformation of the society and Nation Building.”

Our values:

  • To produce teachers who are intellectually competent, emotionally balanced, culturally refined, spiritually mature, morally upright, physically healthy, vocationally productive and self sufficient.
  • To inculcate in the students basic moral, social and spiritual values necessary for building up character and developing personality.
  • Contribution to the nation development To inculcate values such as brotherhood, patriotism,community service, national integration, religious tolerance, environment conservation, gender equity and compassion, a sense of social justice, responsibility, compassion, sensitivity and concern towards the weaker sections of society & deprived group in student-teachers .
  • Promoting the use of ICT
  • Quest for excellence

Our objectives: However, apart from this objective, the Smt. K. C.M. Shah B.Ed. College has higher goals to serve, and hence wider objectives of the College are listed below:

  • To prepare well trained competent teachers to shoulder the responsibility of modern society.
  • To train the student teachers with pedagogical curricular competencies and skills in transaction
  • To enable the student-teachers to apply the knowledge of educational psychology and educational technology in their teaching-learning process.
  • To provide opportunities to enhance their self-concept and gain self confidence.
  • To impart knowledge and training in a manner that it can be applied in real life Situations.
  • To encourage innovation, especially in method of teaching.
  • To create awareness and sense of responsibility towards environmental issues.
  • To develop competencies such as communication power, technological awareness, spirit of accountability, leadership qualities, and grooming of responsible citizens.
  • To help them develop an analytic, synthetic, logical and critical mindset this enables them to face the hard reality of life and to initiate the desirable social transformation.